eBCC Social Card Coming Soon!

Connect your wallet to your eBCC Social card to spend your eBCC tokens as fiat currency anywhere in the world. Fees will be minimal and as the card uses major credit card infrastructure you can use it almost anywhere in the world. We will use a technique called Just in Time (JIT). Here's a breakdown on how an entire transaction will work using the eBCC Social card: 1. User is issued either a physical or virtual eBCC Social card that is linked to their wallet; 2. Card contains $0 at all times; 3. User swipes card to pay for a purchase; 4. Transaction is sent to our server; 5. Server checks which fiat currency is requested (USD, AUD, EUR); 6. eBCC team checks if user account wallet contains enough eBCC token to make the purchase; 7. eBCC is then sold for requested fiat; 8. Fiat is moved to the Social card 9. Transaction is approved; 10. Card balance is back to $0

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